Saturday, June 30, 2007

Organization and Decluttering Update.

When I am not directly schooling the Boy Scholar, I have been cleaning and decluttering in 15 minute timed sessions. While he reads or does a Grammar lesson, I tackle the Girl's room, or the bathroom. As Patty says, "You may get overwhelmed if you try to do something for an hour, but anyone can do anything for 15 minutes." Both of us are making progress.

In the studio:
I recently read Organizing your Craft Space (I linked to an excelent review) by Jo Packham, which lead me to another of her books, Where Women Create. In this book, Ms. Packham shows the studios of many different artists, and how their spaces work for them. I am lucky to have the space in which to create, but I still need to keep going on the organization. There is one more round of plastic drawers to purchase, and one more layer of boxes of cards I can consolidate. I still need to put label tags on everything. But even then, it is much more organized than other parts of the house! My biggest problem is putting projects away. I think if I do another round of organizing down here, there will be room for another table- I have umpteen different projects all happening at the same time!

The rest of the Basement:
Tons of work to be done here- lots of stuff to be donated or recycled. Decisions need to be made about keeping magazines, beta videotapes, albums, school-teaching supplies, and toys. Good news is, I have a whole wall of shelves, bad news is, they need to be decluttered first.

The mudroom/laundryroom/pantry: This room was filthy, but I am making progress. All laundry that can be done has been, rest is in baskets. I have found the floor, swept it, and taken out garbage and recycling. The Shelves need to be organized, and the microwave, washer and dryer need to be cleaned. I can't find my duster, but there are some big ol' cobwebs in here, too.

The Girl's Room: First layer of stuff off the floor. Filled two bags with clothes for donations, and another with garbage. Re-organized clothing in closet and drawers. Lots more to do in here, but I have 2 more weeks!

Our bedroom: I have gone through all my clothes, and re-organized my part of the "closet". All linens are washed and put away. This big room is where my paper hell is- I need to go through a lot of paperwork, chuck most of it, and file the rest. There is potential room for a writing desk and chair up here, but lots of junk and clutter do be rid of first.

Okay, that's it for that.

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Pamela said...

Good for you! Great work m'dear.
Have you discovered vacuuming cobwebs? Our current house creates cobwebs more than anywhere we've ever been and the ole vacuum has been a great tool, even in the garage! A microwave tip: take a wet dish rag and micro it briefly. Makes the interior all steamy and wipes clean much easier. We did this back in my waitress days :)

Do you have a good consignment shop in your area? Maybe those bags of PG clothes can be traded towards new treasure!

Knowing your success is easily and effortlessly at hand because you are a Goddess!