Thursday, June 21, 2007

Allergies, hairballs, and cupcake wrappers, oh my!

Hi. I'm not sure what is up with me today- all day I have felt run-down, lethargic, and exhausted. My allergies are really bad, I think that is part of it. I think part of it is anxiety about PG traveling in two days, and no, I am not ready for her to go. We haven't started packing yet, but now have some suitcases (borrowed from PG's piano teacher) to use for the purpose.

I need to be in the studio, but it is just such a mess, I am quite uninspired. I haven't been down there for weeks, what with all the PG projects I have been doing, and unfortunately it shows. There are about five big piles of stuff that need to be organized or donated. The floor is a mess, needing to be vaccuumed thoroughly. And I have decided that Amy is right- in order for the kids to do a better job at scooping the cat litter and keeping the area around it clean on a regular basis, I need to move the litter into one of their rooms! The downstairs pantry/storage closet doesn't have doors yet, and is in an alcove right near my studio.

The other issue is that various people and felines come into my studio unbidden, and leave messes in my space. There are cat hairballs under my sewing table, cupcake wrappers and the cupcake bottoms (you know, the part without the frosting) laying on the floor, as well as loose Lego and KNex pieces. A certain young man I know is going to be spending a great deal of time this weekend helping me clean up these messes!!! I am planning on spending the whole weekend (you know, while I am worrying Saturday while my baby Girl is in the air) down there cleaning and getting ready for Monday.

I have been hearing a great deal about two particular ladies who help organize studio spaces, or have amzing studios. Here is one, Lois Hallock at Clearview designs, and the other is Carol Taylor. Check out Carol's studio. I saw it in this new mag I picked up- Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home. This is a wierd publication- not sure I will pick it up again, but it was worth it for the glimpse into Carol's studio. I am inspired, and hope I can get my studio space to work as well for me as hers does.

That's all I got for now.

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Pamela said...

Enjoy what you can! Great "mind pictures".