Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday checkin

Hi. It's Monday, and I am down with some sort of flu yet again. This time it is body aches, a migraine-type headache, and severe dizziness. The Boy has the same symptoms. I will try to post later- it is hard to think enough to write at the moment. This has been a hard winter for me physically and I am looking forward to the warmth and health of spring.

I can tell you that the Girl did amazingly well at her adjudication on Thursday, and her Piano Teacher was just gushing with pride at Piano Girl's progress and her performance. Good stuff.

As Tigger says in the adulterated Disney versions of Pooh,


Lisa said...

Feel better soon. Here is some virtual chicken soup, just don't let the peep peeps see it, they won't trust you anymore. ;-)

You probably picked something up at the competition your young man participated in.

Congrats to piano girl!

Anonymous said...

Well darn about not feeling well, but yae about PG! Such a gifted girl. Takes after her parental units fer sure:)

Drink loads of water dear one,