Friday, March 21, 2008

Tidbit: Clutter and cleaning

I just clicked to enlarge the photo of my cluttered kitchen table in the last post- don't look too closely folks- you can see my recycling that needs to go out, bags of groceries that still need to be put away, piles of school books, and clutter, clutter, and more clutter. Sigh. My whole house looks this way. I just realized that this week I have been focused on resting and being good to the kids, but none of us has focused on the house much. Why does it always seem that if we have schooled well, then the house is a pit? Meaning I can get some of it doen, but I never seem to get all of it done. It's okay, I won't panic, but it is frustrating.

So for today, we will get chicken feed, then come home, put the never-ending laundry around, and start on the living room. If the living room is tidied, and I can get my bed changed (yes, with help from the kids), I will call that good. My Man won't mind, as long as the kids are still alive.

I have some more photos to get up, too.


Cassandra said...

Some great posts! I came to catch up and found three new posts! I hope you had a great time at the competition today. Congrats to Piano Girl on her adjudications! Yes, it sure is hard thinking you can do school or keep the house up, but not both.


Anonymous said...

Yes, kids alive is good:) All the rest is gravy ~

Be your fabulous you