Monday, March 31, 2008

A Tidbit- For all of you..........

Hi there guys.
Howdy ladies.
Just a tidbit for my pals and my blog buddies.
A simple poem is all I can muster-
Guess I am a feather duster.
Headache and spelling quells not my mood,
with 8 windows open, vicadin and dwts- I'm doin' good.*
Therapy and love from blogs and boards- real or real not they may be.
But they are swell for chicks like you and little round turtles like me.

........for all you are to me.

*And I do have a migraine- all y'all know you wouldn't have passed up the chance to use the verb quell.
Insert Smilies and Hugs,
aka Needleroozer


Cassandra said...

Wow! What drug-induced inspiration! I hope you're feeling better soon. And such a great use of quell.

I'm home feeling Officially Sorry for Self: Husband is leaving early in the morning for a business trip the rest of the week, and The Boy started throwing up tonight. Yup, the dreaded flu, we think. He calls approximately every four minutes. The Girl, next? And how about The Mom after that? How cozy this week is going to be! Ack!


Jenn, not Jenny said...

Nice one, and I love that you used the word quell.
Migraine be banished!

Lisa said...

I am all too aware of those vicodin induced, migraine triggered poetic sprees!

May your migraine prove quellable and your vicodin squelch your pain like a victorious army crushing a retreating foe!

mindy said...

Very funny!! I hope you feel better soon! Gotta love the vicodin. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love that creativity dear one ~ seeing you migraine free and surrounded by all that you love very soon!