Thursday, March 20, 2008

toddler love

Here is my borrowed toddler, Abe. Look how big he is getting! He is two and a half now, and is becoming such a little boy! Now before I show you these pics, you have to promise me that you will picture him saying "CHEESE!" every time I aim the camera at him, lol. Here he is doing a puzzle. Here we are talking and singing in the big blue chair. We spend a great deal of time here, reading, reading, reading; singing, singing, singing; and talking, talking, talking. And yes, I am wearing my Dude's tie-died shirt while he is out of town- who cares if it is flattering or not, it smells like him!
When PianoGirl heads down to the studio to practice, Abe likes to go with. We bump down the stairs on our bottoms, and he dances around the studio while PG plays. Today he sat on her lap and played for almost half and hour. I must have taken 30 photos just of the two of them playing.
He really got into it today, and PianoGirl was so very patient with him.
And even though this isn't the best quality photo because the sun was shining in the window right behind us, I love it. Abe had just given me the biggest open-mouthed toddler kiss, and was really enjoying being snuggled. He has been so very affectionate lately, wanting me to "carry you" and "hold you" much of the time. I am not complaining!
Abe is now tall enough to stand on a stool in the kitchen and "help" me make our lunches, and load the dishwasher. Sniff. Where did this little boy come from and where did our little baby go?!

Hope you enjoyed the Babyfix photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Anonymous said... precious!

The picture of you and Abe talking and looking into each others eyes, soooo takes me back to precious time with your kiddles.

Thanks for sharing.


Piano Girl said...

He has got to be one of my favorite people in the whole world. I am so glad that I know him and get to see him every week!