Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tidbit: Ouchie-boo-boo Entertainment

Well invisible friends, I almost made it through the winter without my neck/back going out. Those who know me know I have a 20+ yr old whiplash injury plus the injury from our hit-and-run almost 2 yrs ago. The scar tissue from the old injury really affected the healing of the newer one, and it took over a year of physical therapy this last time around just to have full mobility of my right arm and my neck. Because of these injuries, it is really important that I keep my neck warm and not catch any drafts over my shoulders during the winter.

Yesterday morning when I first bundled up on the couch, I wasn't wearing a sweater, and caught a chill. I can tell because at 5 am today, I woke up with terrible spasms in my right shoulder. So now after resting for two days, I get to rest again. I am dosed up on Ibuprofin, have a water pitcher nearby, and my failthful heating pad on my neck as we speak. Over the years I have learned how to manage this pain, and that if I take care of myself properly as soon as it starts, how to make it last as short of a time as possible. So I will get off this thing in a minute and go back to sleep if I can. If not, maybe my phone will ring, and I can spend some time chatting with one invisible friend or another.

To keep you entertained while I am away, here are a few links. First off, is a wonderful lesson on drawing with pastels from Lisa at PercyTruffle's Place. Lisa has a wonderful blog with lots of wonderful art to look at. She does double duty as a homeschool mama as well, so there is fun stuff to read about that topic as well. Search for Pysansky eggs on her blog, or look at the polymer chess set her son created. Pretty and inspiring.

Next up is the Quilting Arts Blog. QA is one of my two fave magazines, and always has pages of interesting things I want to try. The blog is just as interesting. I really want to order the first season of the QA tv show. See if it is available to watch on your PBS station.

And, because it is starting to be warmer and I can see the buds popping from my bedroom window, here are some wonderful ideas on how to incorporate Nature Study into your life. Many of these ideas seem like they are just for mothers of small children, but honestly, any human being on this planet can benefit from being out of doors and being in nature. Enjoy.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you two art journal technique videos, both from Millande. The first one is how to make different backgrounds for journaling, and the second one is journaling with circles. I had a lot of fun working with circles in my journal this week, maybe you will too.

Last but not least, is one of my fave inspirational blogs, Shades of White. The pictures alone are worth the trip (click).

Have a great weekend, and I will do my best to take care of myself. Give me a call if you get bored- you know where I will be- and I will most likely be bored.


Lisa said...

(((LB))) Feel better soon. I too have back issues and know how miserable they can be.

Needleroozer said...

Thanks, Lisa.
I am better today but will still take it easy. I have learned to do that the hard way.