Monday, March 17, 2008

Tidbits: New Car, Hens, and Self-portrait-Before

Hey folks, How was your Monday? Hope it went well.

I have been asked for photos of my new (to me) car. Here he is, in all his glory. His name is Almanzo, and I call him Manny and Manly for nicknames. Y'all know how much I like nicknames. And yes, it is straight out of the Little House books. You can see the old van in the background. I need to get it ready to be sold. Sigh. Something else on my to-do list today. (I did make my to do list for the week, and it is long!!)Here I am, posing. This is it- if you want a sexy, leggy blond slung over the hood of a car, you will have to look elsewhere.
And here is a closeup- consider it my before photo. I am keeping it real here folks, thus the bags under the eyes, the little mustache I have going, brows that need to be plucked (unless you like the Freida look), and that hair- oh the hair. It is so long! It is starting to curl up over my collar in the back, and is starting to bug me around the ears. And those dutch-boy bangs. Ick. Like I said though, this is the before photo- not sure what the new haircut will look like- I am at the point where I just may take the scissors to it myself, or hand the clippers to a kid. But by the end of this week, it will be short again- the way I like it! One thing I do like about this photo is that it shows my thinner neck and my lack of a double chin. Losing that 20 pounds really shows in my face (before the camera puts the weight back on). I am starting to look more like myself. Now if I can just lose another 20 pounds before my vacation in May.
And this next photo has nothing to do with cars or makeovers. Our version of The Chicken Sisters were apparently starving this afternoon, and were following me around as I was taking photos outside. I gave them some feed and then snapped this photo. From left to right, we have Chickie-Boo, Goldie, and Lucy. Annabelle, our adopted red hen, was in the coop at the time.
There ya' go- photos and everything!


Lisa said...

Good luck with the new car.

Your blue glasses are spiffy :-)

I always think the same thing when I see pics of myself: Where did those bags under my eyes come from and someone please tell me that double chin isn't mine! lol. You are beautiful and the things we notice about a pic of ourselves others don't see in such an obvious way as we do. We are our own worst critics I think.

Thanks for sharing your pics.

Needleroozer said...

Blush. Thank you for those kind words. I have really given myself a hard time over the weight gain, and how it changed my face. It can be hard to love ourselves the way we are.

Anonymous said...

My goodness girl ~ is that a picture from some years ago? Seriously, you are looking marvelous. Want some of my chin?:)

Love the chick photos ~ they've gotten so big!!!

Happy Tuesday, I keep trying to call you. Hopefully will succeed here shortly!

...and, I need a haircut too. The curling over collar back is soooo a sign, isn't it?



Needleroozer said...

No, it was just yesterday! I will try to call you as soon as I get up and moving tomorrow.