Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tidbit: SNOW in March!

Oh. My. Goodness. It is SNOWING!!! At the end of March!! The latest snow I can remember was in 1989, when it snowed on my birthday in early March. This has got to be some kind of a NW record! I will let you know if it is still here in the morning. I hope it doesn't stick, as Piano Girl has her last adjudication of the season tomorrow. Good thing we put the chicks in her room instead of the garage! Way too cold for 2 day old baby peeps.
Edited at 7 am to say that although the snow was particularly beautiful last night- big fat flakes falling in the dark, it thankfully did not stick. So we can safely get to piano lessons and adjudications today.


Dy said...

The boys would be in HEAVEN to have chicks in their room! :-)

Here's hoping the snow doesn't stick (although that's so very hard for me to wish for - I love the snow!) But I do hope it's a beautiful day for an adjudication tomorrow. You'll be in our thoughts, E!


Anonymous said...

I do love the snow too. We've had it every day for the last three, but we are up in the foothills. Quite a site to see it down here in the low lands, especially at the end of March!

Michael reminded me that when we flew in Mid March, to Hawaii for our 20th Anniversary, 6 years ago! It snowed. Our ride to the airport bailed on us and we took the shuttle for the first time. It was quite a delight to take of in the cold and land in paradise. When we were watching the sunrise the next morning over the edge of the Pacific Ocean, quite a site, we visited with some folks from the east coast that had also taken off in the cold, and LOADS of snow. I think they were from Vermont:)

Create a great day, play great music and keep those chickles warm. Say, how do the kitties do with the chicks?



Anonymous said...
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