Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tidbit: Happy Thursday!

It is one of our early Thursdays. The Dude left before 5, I ran the Boy to the high school by 7 am (as he had some basketball championship at which the band is playing), and we leave for Piano Lessons at 8 am. Piano Girl has adjudications today, after her lesson and a quick lunch. Of course I am content just knowing I get some toddler time today. The kids and I apparently left my camera in the Dude's work car, which is sitting down at the airport, as the Dude is in Boise today, so I can't take photos of PG in her finery, or of Abe, who has lost so many of his baby-like qualities, and is getting to be such a little boy.

Ok, that's all I have time for, but wanted to update a tidbit or two. I have been in the studio a tiny bit, and will update (minus photos, I guess) on that soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday to you ~ it is going to be a spectacular sun shine filled day today. Enjoy what you can!

I miss toddlers!!! 'specially yours:)

Thanks for sharing.


melissa said...

good, quick, update! I've been catching up on blogs, but not commenting much. Hope all is still going well!

Lisa said...

Confession time.I've only been in my studio a little bit too. Where did all the time go?!!! Oh yeah, it's that wife/mother/homeschooler thing. :-)

Blessings to you!