Monday, March 10, 2008

Tidbits: Art Playdates, Graffiti, and the WASL

Hi all,
It was a low-key weekend here at the Homestead. I got to spend time with the Dude, which was nice, even if all we did was go to the market together (and of course spend waaay more money than I would have alone), and head to Target to return some Christmas gifts that didn't fit.

I rested a lot, and we cooked a lot. Not much yard work, or studio time, or housecleaning- just some good family time.

Today, two of my former Nature Study students along with Piano Girl and I, had our first Art Playdate. It isn't really a class, more of an excuse for the Girly and I to see two of our fave kids every two weeks. Keeps my foot in the door, so to speak, when it comes to teaching, too, but in a nice, low-key way. Today we started making stuffed fabric beads. This involved all three girls using my sewing machine for the first time. They all did great, and are looking forward to our next get-together. We also talked about what things they might like to work on in the future. They want to draw, paint, collage, work with polymer clay, and sew doll clothes and quilts. Works for me.

My dear, dear son did something very weird today- he spray-painted a design on my bedroom door with olive oil cooking spray. Sigh. He isn't four, he will be 16 in 6 weeks. Go ahead and laugh at my son painting graffiti on my door. I will join you in that hearty guffah maybe tomorrow. Tonight, however, I am still being just floored that a child of this age could be so unthinking! Of course when I was his age, I was responsible, and would NEVER have done something so stoopid- nope, not me. Anyhow, I have a feeling he isn't likely to do something like this again, once he repaints the door (Which will involve taking it off the hinges, and won't be easy as it is a bi-fold door.) Unless of course you can think of something that will clean the oil up- Mr. Clean Magic Erasers didn't even touch it. Sigh.

Speaking of the Boy, he is partaking in the WASL testing at the high school this year. I have never made him take it before, but for a myriad of reasons, he is this year. He has to be at the school at 7:20 every day this week, as well as a couple of days next week, and two weeks in April. He is getting a taste of how early he would have to wake daily if he were in public school full time. This is good, and I hope will help him to appreciate how good he has it at home.

The Dude just walked in, so I will go now. More later,


Anonymous said...

Ah--the old Take-the-WASL trick.

It's sounding like a real option around here these days. All this gift of homeschooling just slapped back at me is wearing me out.


Well, I'll put that WASL trick in my back pocket...



Anonymous said...

Ahhh... the weekend sounds exceeding sweet. The two of you cooking is always a good thing.

OK, I am laughing about the graffiti, and then quickly went to "he is such a creative child!". Ah, yes, you can tell who didn't have kids of her own. I imagine the Prince would have come unglued if one of ours did that same thing. I had a hard time getting him (Prince) to leave the cat he stepped on last night alone while he (cat) got over his mostly imagined wound. Oy!

Best of luck with the testing. Part of the ritual and intro to different formats in our society. I actually have fond memories of the periodic tests when I was in school. Big group of my pals in a central location, nice and quiet, working with pencil and paper. It kinda like puzzles and games to me. Of course that was what...30 years ago? What shade of crazy does that make me? Maybe I have an error memory:)

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