Monday, March 17, 2008

Yay! Art Content! Assignment complete, and ATC's

I wrote in this post, about a journaling assignment (watch the video) from SuziBlu, wherein we were to draw our "power animal" in the Mola style. It only took me two weeks, but I finally finished one of the two turtle pieces I am doing for this assignment.

This piece is done with my koh-i-noor woodless colored pencils, which are very different from my Prismacolors or the watercolor pencils. Both the background and the base of the turtle were done with Twinkling H2O's. I like the combination of these two mediums. They kind of make the design look like it is glowing. Very cool. This (of course) looks much brighter in person. I am doing an ATC swap with Tami over at 101 Fairy Lane. I took these photos and will post them, but I would rather you went and looked at them at her blog, because her photos are so much better than mine! They show the colors so much better. Here are the ones I made for Tami. Our theme for this month was a tribute to Lemons and Lemondrop's world, so the one on left is for that. I also sent her a belated Valentine- on the right.

Here is the one Tami sent me, of a sweet lemonhead girl in pretty purples. Really- go look at these at Fairy Lane, ok? I am not sure why mine came out so blurry.
And just because she hasn't had hers taken in a while, a photo of Sparrow, our other kitty-toddler.
That's it for now.


DOMITO said...

I'm Domito
and I propose you a textileATC swap
Are you OK

Lisa said...

I love your mola style project! The colors are great. It looks like such fun.

You have the most beautiful kitties!

Needleroozer said...

Thanks for the compliment- it was fun to do. I finished it while resting in bed this weekend- now to get going on the other one.
I want to take a photo with all three cats in it- we shall see if that is physically possible!

I was unable to get to your blog. Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...

I miss your kitties and cozy home ~ can't wait for garden party!

Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures!!