Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another update on life written from the studio depths

The Boy and I marched in our first parade today. We were in the Renton RIver Days Parade. He played his french horn, and I was one of the moms who marched behind the band, in case anyone dropped their music, or anything like that. Felt a bit embarrassing not to be doing anything other than walking, but it was fun, none the less, and the kids did a great job!

I also got a chance to interact with the other moms, which is always an interesting experience. We are all alike, as we are all playing taxi driver, disciplinarian, short-order cook; at the same time as we are doing our own life's work, whether it be driving a school bus, studying to be a teacher, or trying to be an artist. Where the differences show up, and my life varies significantly is that I am teaching my kids on top of it all. It still surprises me after all these years that I can quiet down a room in two seconds flat just by saying what I do everyday.

In other news, while the others were enjoying a bit of a Star Trek marathon, I have been in the studio, working (playing) with everything from watercolor pencils to my new Lumiere paints. I will try to post photos (if the computer gods will let me this time, sigh) soon.

I am off to bed, as we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow with church, Gramma, and picking up a new-to-us stove. I will try to update tomorrow evening.



andie said...

LOL...yes, it's an *interesting* power, that room silencing, squirm inducing "H-Word" isn't it?

I have dual powers, too. If they get too comfortable with that one, I can (if it's not immediately obvious, like if I've made my monthly escape to A Store Alone) also mention the F word. (That would be Five, yes five kids.)

Have a great week! I'm going to be working on school planning and that means I'm going to *giggle* be trying to *snort* stay off the computer most of the week. *chuckle*

Mama Podkayne said...

Ah! Watercolour pencils! I just bought some and I love them! I have always hated working with watercolor, but really wanted to get the effect that only they can....ta da....the pencils are magic! Do post your work with them!

kludge said...

Aunt LB (It seems wise to preserve your well maintained anonymity!)-

Thanks for the link. I've enjoyed reading your blog and catching up on the goings on of your family!

Additionally I thought I should finally comment, especially on any post that includes the phrase "Star Trek marathon"

with love from the Brown clan!

Needleroozer said...

Hey Kludge (yours as well)! Good to hear from you! How are your 3 girls doing? I know your reasons for not blogging the wee ones are sound, but I miss seeing them! Thanks for commenting!

Andie, We can do it!

Mama PK, I will try to get my mean computer to post photos this week!