Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sad chicken news

We were gone all afternoon and evening. When we got home, I sent the kids out to put the chickens to bed. I looked out the window to see my Girl crying. I think to myself, "Oh crap!", and head out. Something (I'm thinking dog) crashed through the fencing fabric, tearing out two fence posts on the way, into the chicken yard, and took Ida. Remember, just 2 weeks ago, when something got her but she escaped? Judging by the trail of feathers, I don't think she was so lucky this time. THere were feathers from some of the other chickens strewn around in the same area, so whatever it was attacked several of the birds.
Girl is so very sad, this was one of her favorites of the 5 chickens we rescued earlier this year. She also feels like they aren't safe out when we aren't home. We will have to do some remodeling of the chicken run when Papa gets home.

It has been a tough day, one of those that makes you thankful for all the good ones!

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Pamela said...

So sad for tender hearts ~