Thursday, July 12, 2007

MonkeyBoy goes to the Zoo/ Baby Fix

Here is my Monkey Boy. If you haven't already figured it out, we use many nicknames here. We are not comfortable with names on the blog, but even at that, we use all the nicknames you read here. So this fella here, known as the Fine Young Man, is aka Monkey Boy. Even as a tiny infink he used to have such a strong little primate grip, I swear I could have let go, and he wouldn't have fallen. As he got older, he would wrap his littl e arms and legs around you, whether in the sling or not, and hang on for all he was worth. So there ya' go, why we look for any and every opportunity to photograph this child with statues of primates.Ok, so here we are, all of us, at the zoo. First stop was the African Savanah. You can see the Girl's Piano Teacher Lady holding her son, (whom I call Abe on the blog) in the bottom corner there.
Here is the Fine Young Man. He was so happy to see Abe, and did such a good job looking after him while we Mamas talked a bit. Piano Girl called while we were together, so that was cool. I got to relay all the good bits to PTL, and FYM got to talk to her, too.
Here's a picture of Abe. He had just woken up, hadn't had lunch yet, and wasn't quite with us yet. He has such a sweet face, I couldn't resist. By the way, Abe picked out his own hat. It is as orange as can be! Notice the ever-present Engines (Abe at 23 months old, is in love with all things Thomas.) in both hands, and the teddy bear. Also there is the ever-present lovey- a bear named "kitty".
Here is my favorite photo of the whole day. This is how these two spent most of the zoo trip. Notice how patient and relaxed the FYM is- when he is in service, he really shines. These two play Thomas, read stories, and eat snacks together every week while Piano Girl has her lesson. They are14 years apart, and yet, enjoyed a playdate together. This is one of the bonuses of homeschooling- here is the answer to the socialization question. Life is good.


Ami said...

But what about his social skills?


The picture of your son holding the little guy by the hand is very sweet.

Needleroozer said...

I know you are joking, but he has gotten flack for calling his toddlers his "friends". Sometimes I worry about him being at the high school part time and being lonely- not having any "real friends his own age", but when I think about it, I am so glad he is social with people of all ages. It is reassuring. I do still wish he had a good friend with which to spend some time.

Ami said...

It's not always easy for a kind hearted guy to find a really good friend. My son was the same.

He attended high school for choir and band. He did see quite a bit of negative socialization. He knew it for what it was. He also found a few people to hang out with.

He has many friends now as a young adult, and they're friends who share common interests. People he can count on.

pamela said...

The little guy reminds me of FYM once upon a time....