Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Silk Fusion part 2

Okay, so in the last post, you saw how I laid out all the fibers. Once you have your two layers of fibers, you cover them with another piece of screen, and then you use a brush to soak them thoroughly with soapy water.

I let the soapy water sit a while and really saturate into the fibers. Then I took a clean sponge and sopped up some of the excess liquid.

Then using a dry brush, I applied Jo Sonia's textile medium. It only takes a little bit of this to cover the whole piece. Now the fibers are soaking wet and milky-glossy. At this stage, I hung them on the line in the shade to dry. It is supposed to take up to 10 hours to dry, but it is almost 90 degrees out today, so I am hoping they will be dry by bedtime. See how the medium is dripping off? For some reason, the chickens thought this might be something tasty, so I had to go throw them some grain to get them to not perch on the line, or peck at the puddle of goo on the ground.
From left to right: Pink bamboo fibers in screen fabric, soy silk in screen fabric, bamboo in tulle, soy silk in tulle, and last but not least, 2 silk "hankies" with skeleton leaves between them.
I promis to post pictures tomorrow when they are dry. I have to say, I am feeling proud that I am actually doing some art! As I said before, this is not a tutorial. For that, you need to talk to Sue B. Now down to the studio- someone I know is having a birthday on Saturday, and I need to get going on that gift!

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Crissy said...

I looks similar to the process of making paper.
Those fibers are beautiful.