Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Love!

Someone I know and love has a birthday tomorrow.

Someone tall, with sparkling blue eyes and sexy grey hair.

Whose long, comforting hugs make me remember his mother, from whom they were learned.

Someone who loves old movies and bebops to jazz.

Someone who collects and adores hardcover first editions.

Someone for whom family is everything.

Who taught me what special and unique holidays birthdays can be.

This man who truly can make something out of nothing, and turns tinkering into creativity.

This romantic man who sprinkles rose petals on our bed, and in my bath.

This passionate man who models for his children how to be thinkers and doers.

Someone who knows I sometimes must be there for friends, and says, "It's ok. Go to them."

Someone who hates drumming and loves sea shanties.

This man who is not afraid to cry, and whose smiles melt my heart.

Someone who thinks my round body is beautiful and tells me so.

This lover of good wine and my home-cooked Indian food.

Who writes and tells the best bedtime stories I have ever heard.

Who loves to laugh with his children, and loves a good pun.

Someone who taught me how important it is to be honesty and integrity in one's life.

Who turned out to be the best possible birthing partner I could ever have chosen.

This builder of treehouses, giver of studios, and creator of cottage gardens.

Who is nurtured by the mists of the ocean and the canopy of the redwood trees.

This man with whom I have had the priviledge of partnering and parenting for 16 years.

Someone I love is having a birthday tomorrow. How blessed I am to know and learn from him.

I love you Papa Dude. Happy 53rd Birthday.


Bridget said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. It's incredible how we find that one person that God has chosen for us.

Crissy said...

Such a beautiful birthday message to your True Love.

Happy Birthday, F.