Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday- no fancy title required

Well, the kids did a pretty good job of getting (almost-sigh) all of their school work done this week, so we are heading out for our big field trip of the week. One of my old and dear High school friends, Big D (I call him that, because I am close with 3, possibly four D's- they all have something in front of their names to distinguish them!) and I are going to take the kids to the science center this afternoon. I have my sketchbook packed.

Hopefully before we go, there will be a couple of history lessons, some piano practice, and some mega laundry-folding happening. The house is a complete and total pit, so I want them to have fun today, because tomorow is going to be nothing but cleaning! I bought Clorox wipes, and black garbage bags yesterday, so we are ready!

THey haven't fought once since Piano Girl has been home, and I have really enjoyed that.
In other news, I got 9 hours of sleep last night! Yay! You have no idea how amazing that was- I have literally been getting 2 or 3 hours if I was lucky since Papa Dude has been gone this trip. So nice hours last night was completely refreshing. I think the heat dropping from 98 to 68 really influenced my ability to sleep. Aahhh, back to my nice, wet, cool weather. I love it.

That's all for now- still don't know how to get the photos off my camera- that will likely wait till Monday when the Dude gets home (3 days!!).

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Pamela said...

Have a lovely time with the D :)

I loved your comment about the return of the cool wet weather!