Tuesday, July 17, 2007

treehouse post #1

Okay, I was able to access the pictures I had already uploaded onto the computer, so here are a bunch of treehouse photos. Their order came up kind of random, so I may be flitting around a bit. It is hard to really get a good picture of this unless you see it in person, but I will do my best. You will probably want to click on the photos to get a good gander.

Papa and Boy did this the day the Girl was flying, about 3 weekends ago. It was such a surprize for her when she got back. I have great pics of Girly seeing it for the first time, but they are still trapped in my camera.

Here is the new platform they built, and the view of the play structure from it. See the swings to the right? And on the section where the ladder is, are the monkey bars. To the far left tucked behind the tree trunk, you can see the white porch swing peeking out. Still standing on the platform, but looking on the other side of the tree, are the stairs leading up to the first level.
Ok, this pic is out of order. Realistically, it should have been first. This is the view from the platform, if you look straight up.
Hmmm, how to describe this one. Papa Dude had made a rope web all around the treehouse steps. It needs to be redone now, so many of the ropes are hanging loose. The steps circle all around the tree as you make your way up- many of them are made of cut branches nailed together. The stepladder is how you get up to the treehouse. I rarely get up that far- it wobbles and my fear of heights kicks in. Half the kids that play up here don't even use the steps or the ladder- they just climb up the branches.
Here is another view. You can really see the rope webs and the way Dude used the cut logs to make the steps and platforms.
See next post for more treehouse pictures.


Pamela said...

Oh my!! Such talent :)

Nan said...

Now THAT'S a treehouse!! Awesome! :^D