Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Silk/Bamboo Fusion part 3

Well, here they are! The finished product. I took these pics in the studio (read dark basement) about midnight, so they may not be quite as bright in these pics.

I learned a great deal from this experiment! First off, I need to make sure my fibers overlap more- there are some small "holes" in them, so they wouldn't work too well on their own. But- I was looking, and I think I could make the holes a bit bigger, and lace some silk yarn through the piece.

The pink and the light blue are the bamboo fibers- they are beautiful, but Sue was right- they don't have the sheen of the silk. Still beautiful in their own right.

I love the colors on this one, but see the iron marks? This was the first one I ironed (to set it). I had to use a really thick pressing cloth (piece of cotton batting) to not get the iron marks on the other pieces.
This one is two silk "hankies" with skeleton leaves between them. I love its delicate look.
Here is silk (the yellow-purple) next to bamboo.

Now here is where the bamboo shines. This is the blue one in the picture above. I did it with just two very light layers. In this photo, I am holding it up to the light- look at the lacy texture! Can you see this as a sconce or a lampshade? Or a candleholder? Cool!!!
Ok, there you go. Now it is off to bed with me. I hope I can sleep- it is hot here!!


Bridget said...

How very cool. I've never even thought about trying something like that. I love the colors.

Pamela said...

Oo, I especially like the one with the skeleton leaves. What is a skeleton leaf?

~ and I am amazed you are up so late! You mentioned the heat, have you gone outside in the late, dark? Lovely coolness in the air where we are.

P :)