Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So here we are, standing on the first level (my hangout spot), looking again towards the new monkey bar platform, but now we will sneak a peek into my neighbor's back yard. I like to be snoopy and see how her lettuce and corn are growing. You also can see close-up how Papa used the logs to make the platforms. And here you are again, at the first level, looking down the spiral stairwell to the ground-level platform.
Another view from the new platform. You can see the weeds that frow around the plum tree. Our plan is to terrace this. The area around the plum tree is shaped like an ampitheatre, and there is a fire pit hiding in the weeds. Someday.
Here is another view from the ground level. Just call us the Swiss Family Lewis.
One more treehouse post coming up!

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Pamela said...

Goodness, you are brave! I can appreciate how wonderful these heights and climbing surfaces are for the kids that love them, but oy, not meeeeee.....