Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What's in your bag?

Hey LB!

Who me??
Yeah you! Whatcha' got in your bag?

Well, I have some watercolor pencils, and 2 boxes of my fave woodless colored pencils. Also have some lip balm.

I have my pencils, an eraser, one big sketch book, and a tiny one, my Art Quilt Workbook, and an old bus transfer.
And to be honest, this post is an excuse to show two things: the Dude wanted to see a picture of my mural with me in it, so he could get the scale of the design better. I haven't painted on it in months, though. It needs some work! I also had a request to show off my short, short hair.

I also used to love it when people would do those what is in your purse posts. My art bag is as close to a purse as I get most of the time, so I thought this would work.


Crissy said...

Would that be Kiss My Face Honey Vanilla lip balm?

Love those woodless pencils, and I bet Hunter would, too.

Where do you shop for art supplies?

Needleroozer said...

Yep! Honey vanilla.

I buy stuff anywhere and everywhere!

I buy fibers, the silks, and things like that online. I have a link list of my favorite art shopping sites in my sidebar. Joggles is my fave.

There is a great store just off I-5 on 45th st. It's near TJoe's and the Petco. A & C, I think. They have lots of good things. I think both Michael's and the A & C had the pencils.

I have art supply disease- it is as bad as my book addition!

Pamela said...

My first thought was" Hey, I've never seen LB with a purse! So glad you clarified :)

The trees off the deck look lovely ~ enjoy all the wonder of your world.


Tami said...

How's the Art Quilt Workbook? Is it filled with interesting ideas to spark creativity? Sometimes I need stuff like that because I get into the creative blues every now and then.

The mural is pretty cool ... and short hair is always fun. :-)