Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Computer Dolt Questions

Why all of a sudden do I have these big long spaces at the bottom of my posts? I try to delete the space, and it doesn't happen.
Also, how do I change a label? If I want computer nerd to be instead, computer dolt (it fits better- nerd somehow implies I know my way around a computer and nothingelse!), is there a way to change all of the posts with that label to the new one?


GailV said...

Hah, I had thought the long white spaces were deliberate negative space and you were being all arty with how you presented your blog.

Needleroozer said...

Snicker. I wish. Let's just pretend that's why!
Guess I need to buy a beret now, hmm?

Mama Podkayne said...

Ok, out of lurkdom I come.....

To change the label on all of them you go to edit posts (the same place that you go to find drafts) and you have to select all of them that you want the new label on, then create new label. All selected will change. I'm not sure if you can just change the wording of the label itself, but if you can- it's there too.

Needleroozer said...

Thanks! And welcome! Are you a homeschooling mama, an artsy mama, neither,or both??

Mama Podkayne said...

Both! I am homescholing my 3 year old, teaching online Lit classes at a local community college, and fretting about art.

We are moving to Ohio soon and my biggest artistic project is being sold (our house). We restored it from crack slum to Victorian wonderment, but in the last 8 years I've neglected my writing and all other painting, drawing, and music. So, I've picked up again. In the midst of chaos.

I linked over here from the Foil Hat, which I linked to from My Little Soap Box, which I found from a local homeschool group. :)

Pamela said...

Love the community ~ how wonderful how so many of us find like minded folks and encouragement on our journeys.

Thanks for sharing ~