Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Playing with Paintsticks

Last week I was experimenting with my Shiva Paintstiks. These are quicker-drying oil paints in a crayon form. The point is to eventually use these on fabrics- I would love to make some oilcloth rugs. But for now, I had some canvases, so decided to play a little. Here is my workstation:

This is not a great pic, and there is only one layer of paint on it, but I will show it non-the-less. I want to post all of my art endeavors, whether they are good or not. For these, good or not doesn't matter, as I was using something brand new, and exploring techniques. I was trying to achieve Asymmetrical balance in my design. This was an assignment from Art Quilt Workbook. This is done on a 5 X 7 canvas.

The next thing I tried, on a 8 X 11" canvas, was to play with a ghinko leaf. First, I checked my old nature study sketchbooks, and found some drawings of ghinko leaves.

In the top corner of the canvas, I used my woodless pencils to draw the first leaf. These do not work as well on gesso-ed canvas as they do on cotton. The other two leaves I did as contour drawings. I did not do so well on the symmetry of this piece, and at this point, they look like blue brocoli rather than ghinkos, but the beauty is that this is still just the first layer of paint. Hopefully I can do something with this.

I tried for a close-up, so you could see the pencil, but it"s not very good.
What is good, is that I have no fear. I am putting myself out there, and that brings me one step closer to truly being an artist, and not just a wanna-be artist!

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