Friday, April 07, 2006

Alive to tell about it

Well, there is nothing like a near death experience to make you grateful for your life, just the way it is.

The Girl and I were involved in a hit and run accident today. We were rear-ended, and pushed into a guard rail, and then into a tree. Thank goodness the tree was there, and yes, I thanked the tree for saving us.

The police and fire department (It was our local dept.- the ones we take cookies to every Christmas eve- that part was cool.) came, and took good care of us. The Girl is curled up in one of their warm wool blankets right now. When I return it, I will bring them more cookies, I think. They hugged us, checked Girly from head to toe, they even carried her to the car. They were just as kind and considerate as could be. And as the Girl and I told the Boys, they were all very handsome. Why that helped, I don't know, but both she and I were drawn in by intense smiling blue eyes that took our minds off our situation and made us feel better.

Poor Whitey the mini-van didn't fare nearly as well. He is totaled. He did his job, and thanks to Whitey, the fact that the Girl was in the back seat, and not the front, and that we were both in seat belts, we are alive. All the officers there told me repeatedly that if we were in any other vehicle, we probably wouldn't be here. If they told us that once, they told us ten times. Believe me, I heard it!

I will now have to deal with insurance, and rental cars, etc. while the police look for a truck with a big huge dent in the front of it. Sigh. How could he just have driven off like that? It boggles the mind.

That's about all I can write for now. The Girl is sleeping, bless her little heart, and I am going to go lay next to her some more. It comforts me.

Update: It is now 8:30, and we are well. Baby Girl and I are tucked up in blankets on the couch, watching Find! while we wait for Mystery to come on. We have both taken anit-inflamatories, I have been in touch with the insurance company, and tomorrow we will be able to get a rental car. I also called my Mama and let her know what happened, and she said if I license it, get it tuned up, and do the emissions stuff on it, that we can use her car after the rental car is gone. Since she has gone completely blind, her car has just been sitting in her carport. That is very good news.

Boy is being really nice to me- I think he may have had a bit of an awakening today when he saw the car and realized we had been in it! He was such a helpful young man, getting our stuff out of the car without being asked, holding his sister, and even trying to cook dinner for us tonight. He and Papa just walked down to the 7-11 store to fetch us some treats.

Okay, that is all, going to snuggle with my big baby Girl and continue to be grateful for life, for EMT's with blue eyes, for airbags, and for a family that loves me. All is well.


mindy said...

Oh LB, I'm so glad you all are safe!!!

Lynn in WI said...

I'm so glad you're still with us, LB! I'll be praying your car situation gets worked out and that they find the Big Mean Truck.

(We totalled a car named Whitey once too. It was a little Ford Escort that got eaten up by a guardrail in Northern California. Whitey Ford, R.I.P.)

Enjoy all that extra cuddling. :)

Donna Boucher said...

Dear LB,

What a terrible scare.

Angels are watching over you!


Janet said...

I'm very sorry to hear of your accident. Glad you two are doing well.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and the Girl are ok!!
Any accident is scary, but your's sounded terrifying!
I sure hope that they catch the person that hit you and then just took off...

Amy said...

OH, LB! I am so sorry you had to go through that, but so thankful you are okay. We were also rearended in a hit and run about 1 1/2 years ago that totalled our van. He was drunk, that's why he ran - an off-duty sheriff witnessed it and ran him down though. No matter - he got probation and had no insurance.

Anyway, take care of yourself, and it's okay to feel sad. I was a bit depressed for a while and felt silly about it. But what you went throught is scary.

I'm so thankful you're okay!

Pamela said...

Oh my!!! So glad you are OK. Maybe angels do watch over us?
Sure makes one consider the possibility of a caring universe that watches out for special light filled beings like you and sweet girl.

E-hugs for now,


dee said...

I'm so happy that you and your daughter are OK. What a scary thing to happen and once the dust settles the awful paperwork makes it insult to injury. I Hope all goes well and that you get into a car and drive soon. When I had an accident-I was so nervous to drive again-everyday not driving made it worse. Get back up on the old horse as soon as you can. Saying a prayer for all to go well...Dee