Saturday, April 01, 2006

Uh Oh, I am in big trouble

If you promise your mother that your husband will show up at her door at 9:30 am to pick her up so she can come down and do a thorough cleaning job on your living room and kitchen (cuz she is so bored at her house that it is sparkling clean and needs to start on someone else's), you better be ready for her to be very angry when you call her at what you think is 10:30 to say that your husband is having trouble with the trailer and the horse doo, and will be there as soon as he can, and she tells you it is almost NOON and you are ALWAYS LATE (not true- I am one of those people for whom 10 minutes early is on time), and she is VERY BORED waiting and now we are never going to get the house cleaned, and you better not EVER do this to her again.

Sigh. I hate it when my mama gets mad at me. 41 yrs old, and I still hate it. Sigh.

Updated an hour later to say that I think Gramma thought we were supposed to turn our clocks forward last night (though I am not telling her she was wrong, now way, un uh) instead of tonight, so that explains that. She is now happily attacking invisible (to her blind eyes) spider webs with gusto, and is happy as a clam. Whew!!!!


dee said...

needleroozer,needleroozer,needleroozer. If I say that 3 times fast will you appear before me. I would love that. You are very kind to asy what you did in the comments on Dave's site. I'm shocked at how up-tight some of these people are. I'm, for the most part, really having fun with them and I just can't resist stirring the pot. Someone who wrote in thinks I'm in a Penetentiary-made my husband laugh out loud. I'm just amazed that they get there virtual knickers in such a twist over something like this. It also accurs to me that for people who are so outraged over Dave's so-called crudeness they seem to spend a lot of time on his site. Me thinks they doth protest too much. Your prank on "the Boy" made me laugh because it was exactly the kind of thing we would have done here and we, too, call our son "the Boy". You made my day and I enjoy reading your blog very much. Thanks, Dee

Needleroozer said...

Oh my goodness, I just went over there to catch up, and the falderal just made me hysterical! What is the deal with these two anyhow? My oh my! Loved the line about sticks up the behind, too funny!
So glad you found your way here.

Dy said...

Awww. We'll always be their babies, won't we? I'm glad she came over. Sounds like a great day!

Pamela said...

Go Betty! She is an amazing gal. I can see all of you in my minds eye and am smiling.