Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lookout dirt! Here comes Gramma!

I so wish I had the dangum digital camera figured out! If I did, I would post pics of my living room: 6 baskets of clean but not folded laundry on the floor and the couch, piles of books stacked 10 high on the coffee table (truthfully known as the book table), cobwebs on the ugly cigarette smoke-stained walls, and layers of dirt on the untreated,paint-stained wood floor. Then we would move to the kitchen, where the dishes aren't done, the dining room table is filled with random stuff, the counter is piled a foot high with bills, cookbooks, and nameless junk, and again, those yucky, dirty walls. These are the before pictures. This is what happens when you are sick for a month, and then apathetic for the following month, sigh.

Papa and the Girl just left to head over to the B's house to load some manure into the trailer in the rain (Yes it was sunny all week, and I didn't ever get out into the garden, and now it it the weekend, and supposed to rain the whole time.), and then he will swoop by and pick up Gramma and her vaccuum, and her bucket of cleaning supplies. She and I are gonna dig in and attack this place. I am hoping that once the walls are clean, it will inspire me to get out the can of Kilz Papa bought me a month ago, and start on the walls. Then I want Papa's painter/sister to come help me pick colors, and get us some paint.

Now how am I supposed to get all this done when I have no motivation or gumption, I don't know, but I need to turn my garden, help Papa build the new section, and also prime and then paint all of the rooms on the first floor. We won't even mention that I want to get my workspacce in the basement cleared and organized, that I have 3 huge quilting projects in my head, that the house has to be managed, and that I am responsible for schooling 2 middle school kids. I need to rise to this challenge, but I feel small just thinking about it. I guess if Dy can remodel a house with 3 boys and a new baby, I can do this, right? Just keep plugging away.

Okay, I best go fix myself and the Boy some breaky, and then get crackin'. I want to at least have cleared the living room floor before my mom shows up rarin' to go!

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Pamela said...

Oy! It's a good thing you didn't try to join me and Melody for a day in the country. It sounds like you have prosperity and abundance right where you were. Ah, but the joy you will have as you transition where the "stuff" is to a space that is just the way you love it ~ and I know you can do it! Remember how sweet and precious your West Seattle House was when you prepared for the open house pre-New Jersey? You had babies in diapers and I recall thinking wow ~ this place has always been cute, but now look at it!
You can do ANYTHING!
~ and, at the end of your life, do you think you will remember clutter days? Nah…