Thursday, April 06, 2006

You know you are getting older when they call you ma'am.

Okay, okay, when did it happen? When, I ask you? When did I become a "Ma'am" instead of a "Miss". I don't feel like a Ma'am, but I look like one. I am not a very vain person, never have been, but am just enough that this bothers me, if I let it. I mean, I say, "Yes, ma'am" to my mom, my elders. Now I am an elder?? Sigh.

Hey, Dave and Dy, I learned how to take pictures with my video camera yesterday. Maybe today I will have some time to figure out how to load them onto my laptop.

I didn't get any gardening done yesterday morning, because I was on the phone for an hour and a half with my sister in law. She is the painter lady, and will come over Sunday, to help me figure out the best ways to prep these plaster walls before I paint. I will have to take pictures of the bright (not) decorating idea someone had for the kitchen. They put these fake tiles (I think they are linoleum) all over two walls. I pried one off this weekend, and all the paint peeled off right down to the plaster. So I need Painter Lady to tell me how to fix that- how to best prep the plaster for painting.

As my kids read my blog, I will now get a little cryptic. Last night, I spent an hour and a half in Dread Meyer shopping for a certain upcoming holiday involving eggs and rabbits. Up until this year, my mom has always done the shopping for this particular holiday, so it was new for me, and I think I really overspent. And yes, I do have to be hush hush about it, because even my almost fourteen-year old still believes in such things. Amazing, hmm?

Today, we have a field trip to the UW to watch a group of Irish Dancers, and then to head to a museum. We will be riding with a group of kids/moms that we don't know. Should be interesting. I am hoping I can get into the garden this afternoon, as it is supposed to rain all weekend.

Okay, I am off to wake one kid, get the other one out of the shower, get ready to read (still reading the Black American Folk Tales), and then make breakfast. Have a great day, all.

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Pamela said...

Hey there LB,

Have great fun with the sister in law. I bet she will have great tips and ideas on the painting project. Just keep thinking of how fabulous it will be when you're done! I already think its pretty lovely. The energy in all of your homes has been ever so cozy.

I am some how encouraged by your battle to garden. I am afraid I too am lacking in success, but REALLY do need/want to get out there to insure a summer and Fall bounty. I have plucked a few renegade grasses and dandelions, and Michael has made the rounds on the tractor to thatch, aerate, feed the lawn and gather downed brached. Oo, and we team pruned the willey wisteria! But oy there is much more to do.

Happy Friday! All things merry and weekend to you and the kiddles.