Monday, April 03, 2006

Tide Pools and digital cameras

Well, here it is, Monday morning. I am feeling very tired today, didn't rest well last night, but I do feel like we got tons of work done this weekend. Papa and the Boy got the garden wall mostly done, and some steps built, bird feeders up in the trees, and hauled 3 loads of manure.

My mom, the Girl, and I washed all the walls/appliance fronts/cupboards in the kitchen, mopped the kitchen floor, dusted and vaccuumed the living room, scraped/washed the paint dribbles off 3/4 of the living room floor (they must have not masked when they painted, there was a rim of white paint and splatters along all four edges of the room), kept the laundry going all weekend.

The only bad part of my mom's visit was the last five minutes of it, when she was carrying the vaccuum out to the car ( I tried to get her to let me carry it, honestly I did) and tripped, twisting her ankle. It is okay today, a bit swollen, but not painful, but it scared Papa and I, and it really hurt when she did it.

This morning, after putting a meal in the crock pot, my goal will be to figure out how to use my new (to me) digital camera. I have had it a month now, and haven't really touched it, due to March being the month of apathy and all. So many things that I want to post pics of, it will be hard to know where to start! I guess I will also have to learn how to post them, in addition to taking them and putting them on the computer, too.

This afternoon, we have nature study- there is a low tide today, and we are beginning our study of water- oceans, tide pools, ponds, rivers, etc. It is threatening to rain, I hope it just holds off for a bit. This is a lesson I have taught before, and am looking forward to teaching it again today. Maybe I will be able to take pics! I am usually very busy when teaching, but I will try.

Best be off, need to get moving, although to be honest, I'd like to crawl back into bed for another hour. Time change be damned! It always takes me so long to adjust!



dee said...

Hi from NY. I just realized your in Wa. state. I have a brother-in-law there with his family. Thay live in Richland. I love the tidepool searches. Such intersting wonders of nature sometimes. The time change thing get all of us too. Like being in a fog for a couple of days. It was nice last evening when we walked on the beach at 7pm and the sun hadn't quite set. No need to answer I know you're busy with the family stuff and all. Just dropped by to give you a virtual's me...Dee

Needleroozer said...

Oh, Dee!
I am so glad to see you dropped by!
I am just checking emails, etc. before we leave.
Glad to see you here!


Hi LB,

I also thought I'd drop in and see what you are up to. How you been feeling?

You're gonna love digital photography.

Dy said...

Oh, LB, once you start taking pictures, you're going to love it! And something I truly love is just handing the digital camera to the kids and telling them to go at it. I'm out maybe a pack of batteries at the end, and can just delete the nostril shots w/o any angst over having paid to get them developed. But you can save the really great ones they take. We have a wonderful series of shots taken at the apartment last summer that we call "The Smidge Cam" - I let him take pictures as he rode in the wagon from the lake to the apt. - it's awesome to see what the kids see!

And for just getting started, try out the Blogger photo upload utility. It's kinda slow, but easy to use and you don't have to futz w/ editing size and such and finding the magic dimensions that won't tweak your sidebar. It's easy - just call me when you're ready!

Love ya! Have a splendid Tuesday!