Friday, April 07, 2006

What kind of homeschooler are you, anyway?!

Here is a fun quiz: What Kind of Homeschooler are you? I will tell you my results in the comment area. Frankly, it surprised me. Let me know if you take it and what your results were.


Needleroozer said...

I came out as Salvador Dali, an unschooler. Now this tells me something- I keep trying to be organized, and formal in my organizagtional approach to homeschooling, but it is very hard, and I don't feel successfyl at it. Next year when no one has to go anywhere in the mornings on a regular basis, I just may let my natural tendencies take over, and I hope we will happier when we approach things in a more relaxed way.

Needleroozer said...

LOL, I took the quiz again, just for fun, answering the way I would have if I could have picked more than one answer last time, and I got Mr. Potato Head! Too funny. At least it didn't say I was a Martha. Phew!
Now, you. Really. Go do it, and then comment. I don't have near enough comments lately, not near enough!

dee said...

Hi LB, I can't really take the quiz since my son is 22 and it doesn't apply. Sure sounds like fun, though some days you probably want to resign and others you are busting with joy. I've had company for the week and it's nearly over so I'll do more commenting next week. Chin-up M'dear, spring is sprung and even though aging sucks big time-there really are perks up here at 58. As soon as I can remember some I'll write you. Dee

Pamela said...

Apparently Martha Stewart! Go figure? As you know, I am not really a home schooler, but love the idea and am supportive of my angelic god children pursuing their brilliance via this path.

I had fun playing the quiz envisioning what choices I would make if I were home schooling and things I like to do with our special children on play dates. Fun! Almost makes me want a bunch of kids and a farm ! but alas, God and spouse had other ideas. Guess I'm gunna keep loving the special kid brood.



mindy said...

Abraham Lincoln-Charlotte Mason methods. :-) Fun quiz.

Amy Jo said...

LB - I'm an unschooler too! LOLOL - and I AM organized.

Kris said...

LB - I sent this out to my homeschool list... What a great link, and I am so glad you and your family are ok. Oh, and I am Abraham Lincoln - Charolette Mason. Since I didn't know what the options were, I was surprised!

:) Kris