Monday, April 17, 2006

A productive and happy Easter report

Well, it was a productive weekend on many fronts.
Early on Saturday, the Papa Dude and I drove up to Gramma's in the rental car. He drove Gramma's little Toyota home, and I drove Gramma and her vaccuum home in the rental. Then he returned the rental car, and turned the new garden bed in the pouring rain while Gramma, the kids and I went to town on the house. While the kids worked on cleaning their rooms enough that they could vaccuum (and they did it without fussing! Yay!), we cleaned and vaccuumed the living room, kitchen, and our bedroom. Gramma made sure the dishes were done, and that as much laundry as possible was folded and put away. My room looks so nice and clean! I love it when my mama comes down!

I try not to feel bad about the fact that my blind 75 yr old mother can get more done in a 5 hour period than I do in a week. I have to remember that for this week has been a tough one, what with 7, count em, 7! Dr.'s appointments, and 2 visits to Mom's, and the fact that for much of the week I had a cold, and was unable to use my right arm. But for some reason, there is a little part of me that wishes I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do. Oh well, best let that one go.
Helping me gives my Mom a focus other than her blindness, and helps her to feel useful.

Most of the time Mom was here, I was feeling bad for spreading germs- I was hacking and coughing so badly all Saturday. I swear, that lady ran circles around me!

When we were done cleaning, Mom and I ran a couple errands, and I took her home, then ran to the store to buy several dozen eggs.

We didn't get around to decorating eggs till 9 that evening, but the kids had a great time and were reminded again how much they love using my cake decorating colors to dye eggs- they come out in brilliant bright colors (yes, i took pics on the digital, but I still haven't learned how to load them to the computer- maybe this week?). I fell into bed, but again, spent most of the night hacking, sneezing and wheezing.

Sunday, the kids mercifully didn't wake us till about 8:30, at which time they came up, bearing lovely Easter baskets for all of us. We spent an enjoyable 30 minutes admiring the Easter Bunny's gift choices. Faves this year were the plastic eggs filled not with jelly beans, but with 250 water balloons (a stroke of brilliance on the E.B.'s part), squishy egg- shaped pillows, bubbles, rulers,stickers and pencils, and Legos. THe Easter Pig visited as well this year, bringing very pretty amethyst points.

After the kids examined their loot, they snuggled in with us, while I told them the story of Jesus crucifixion and resurrection (as close as we get to the church-going part of Easter in this house), while Papa fixed us a nice breakfast. They did their chores while we hid eggs in the cottage garden, and then they found them. Then they hid them for us, and so on and so forth for a couple of hours, till most of the eggs were cracked, and there we only enough undamaged eggs left to make a huge bowl of egg salad. Tweens or no, these two still very much love Easter Egg hunts!!

The rest of a cool but sunny Sunday was spent in the garden. My arm is still not working as well as usual, so I mostly functioned as foreman, telling the kids where to plant what. With all of us working together, we moved the asparagus to its new bed, planted 3 types of lettuces, chard, spinach, bok choy, 2 kinds of carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips, cumin, and several herbs. There is still room in the root bed for a couple more rows of something, too.

Still left is planting the new bed Papa built- I will need to get tomatoes, potatoes, and peas in there this week.

I soaked the morning glory seeds, and will get those planted hopefully today. Papa dug up more space in the cottage garden (nearly our entire front yard) and I will be filling the entire fence line with many vining flowers.

Once the planting was done, the kids played the afternoon away while I rested, and Papa weeded. I made us a beautiful Easter dinner of ham, roasted brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, and salad. Then baths and stories. We have started a new bedtime read, called The King in the Window. Very fun so far.

As for this morning, when I went to wake the Girl, she felt hot, and said her throat was sore. She is still sleeping. The Boy showered and fed the cats, but is taking funny due to a sore throat and stuffy nose. He won't be blowing a horn today, I can tell you, so I sent him back to bed, too. It would be a good day to snuggle and read aloud, but I have no voice. Hmmm. We shall see.

I have to head back over to Mom's today, she has an appt. with her Dr. today, that my older sister and I will be attending with her. I will tell you about it later, not sure how it will go. But for now, I am off to call the school and excuse the Boy for morning classes, and feel and kiss a couple of forheads.


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Pamela said...

Wow! What a weekend and lovely Easter. Congratulations on all the household cleaning, car exchange and gardening success. I am still dreaming of getting a fraction of what y'all accomplished done. Prince Charming and I are taking a few days off at the end of the week to dedicate to the chores we just can't seem to get to. Envision success ~ we need to get there before the Garden Party at the end of the month. But then again, we're in the country so the "wild look" may be in vogue for 2006 :) Nah. As you mentioned earlier, summer harvest and abundant flowers are so worth the spring time investment. Trusting you and the children feel better. Enjoy your egg salad and time with books!