Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day of rest, maybe?

Hey all (three of you),

We had another whirlwind day yesterday, but got quite a bit accomplished. After my little nap, we headed out to the eye Dr.'s, and spent a pleasant 1.5 hours there, where my kids were spokespersons for the polite, well-adjusted, poetry-memorizing, latin-chanting homeschooled child club. Thankfully, they were on their best behavior, which made it easier on me. My eye exam took over an hour- not because there were any problems, but because the optician has a 4 yr old daughter in Montessori preschool, who is bright and precocious, and needs more. I gave her my usual "Read the WTM and call me to talk about it when you are finished." speech. She was fascinated by the idea of homeschooling, and we talked a great deal about it's benefits. We shall see if she calls me- I am always surprised which people do, and which don't. I do enjoy consulting "newbies", so hope she does.

We were supposed to go the food bank today, where I would cook lunch for the volunteers while the kids worked the food line, but I now have a full-blown cold, complete with a cough that Dy says sounds like a baby seal, lol. I am also experiencing pain in my shoulder blade. As much as I feel like crawling back in bed and sleeping the day away, I think I will be calling the massage therapy office at 9:00 to try to schedule an appt. asap. Maybe they won't have an opening till this afternoon, so I could sleep a bit before that. I need some rest. The Boy is also still having pain in his joints and spine, so the rest won't hurt him either. He is taking a lot of Ibuprofin this week, which I don't really like, but it does seem to help the inflammation. Let's hope his bloodwork reveals something.

On a quilting note, I got all the 5 inch pastel squares cut out, and laid them out on my bed last night while talking to Dy, but to be honest, they look really boring. Only light values, the softest dinner mint colors. It just looks so boring- why do fabric designers think babies (or their mamas, for that matter) will like pastel mint colors? I only picked them for the shortcut of having precut squares, thinking I could whip out the top, and just tie it, and be able to mail it out quickly. But noooo, it now doesn't seem worth it, and it isn't so easy. I am not one to work with boring fabrics. I like my quilts to "pop" cheerfully, especially for the wee ones. I went down to the basement, and checked out the "fabric wall". I have so many bright, wild novelty fabrics...... maybe I can use them to liven up the pastels, or go ahead and do the boring pastel squares on one side, and do something more arty and bright for the front side. Hmmm........

Okay, best be getting off this thing, don't want to stress my arm/shoulder out any more than it is. The Girl and Boy are taking turns reading The People Could Fly, the Black American Folk Tales book we have been reading at breakfast. They are doing a good job reading the dialect with a proper southern accent, lol.



Pamela said...

Bummer that you and boy are feeling less than fabulous. I will vision the two of you manifesting wonderful stuff in the ole bods!

Your fabric talk sent my mind back to visions of the children's baby quilts. Remember how wonderful they were/are? You did such a great job with their baby rooms. I loved just hanging out with them while they played. Thanks for the memories ~ and colors that popped!

Happy Thursday, it's just gunna get better and better ya know :)

Oh ~ and who are the three guys you hey there'd? :)

Needleroozer said...

Hey Auntie P,
You are one of them, Dy at Classical Adventures is one, and my friend Laurie P, who is a lurker, is the other one. That is about it for my faithful readers, I think.
Thanks for your well wishes, we are working on feeling great. Naps and massages help, that is for sure!
Talk to you soon,

Donna Boucher said...

I like The People Could Fly.

I haven't read it in a long, long time.

Take Care!


Pamela said...

Cool! I am party of a trinity! How cool is that? :)

Happy Good Friday,