Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Hey all,
Spring has finally sprung here in Washington, in all it's rain-free glory! The trees are such an incredible shade of yellow-green, and full of blossoms! In our yard alone, I am watching my pear, apple, and crab-apple sporting beautiful blooms. The lilacs are also blooming. I want to cut some to bring in today.
In addition to our weekend Gramma-comes-over-and-cleans-my-house-in-2-hours-flat-after-which-I-am-comotose-for-an-additional-2-hours-visit, we finished the new garden bed. I planted some basil, 4 packets of peas (I know, it's late, but better late than never!), a row of potatoes, and 20 tomatoes. I want to get an additional 20 tomato plants in this week. I also rescued a bulb fennel from the next door neighbor (and we had her over for supper last night so she could taste it- that was fun!). Papa and I ran to Dread Meyer's yesterday evening and came home with about 20 packets of seeds, so I will try to get them planted this week as well.

It is another busy week, with Dr's appt.s for both my Mom, and myself, horn lessons, play rehearsals, and such. We are also getting ready for our Spring Garden Pary and the Boy's 14th birthday this weekend. So, onwards and upwards, I have things to do!


Pamela said...

Wow LB! You are getting so much done in that garden. Good job on planting lots of tomatoes. I am trying to get some seeds started in the greenhouse to see how they do versus purchasing starts. Picked up some fun varieties ~ yum, the thought of garden fresh tomatoes warmed by the sun, doesn't that make your senses thrill?

I love the vision in my mind of your fruit trees, especially the crab apples. Another item on my wish list. They have such lovely blossoms. We think the trees that line our drive are fruit, but can’t tell yet, still young, and planted by previous owners. Need to remember to ask them when we run into them in town now and again.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend and celebrating with the Boy next. Hows girl recuperating? We still have a few evenings to come home and work in the garden before Saturday's gathering, Micahel worked til 9 last night, me til 6:30. It is increasingly evident that all will not get done before Satruday am ~ won't be perfect, but fodder for future "most improved" award :) (We are so human! and given to bouts of nap now? Snack? reading break? The kitties need me!) But hey, we did power wash the sidewalk and ya know what? It's an entirely different color than we thought it was!

Toodles ~ and happy Tuesday!


Dy said...

I know you don't feel like you get much done, but if I had to hustle around the way you do, well, we'd be late for everything! (And if Jess reads this - hush! I've gotten a little bit better...)


mindy said...

LB, how are you doing? Just checking up cuz I haven't "seen" you for a while! :-)

Amy said...

Hellloooo.... ARe you there? Just checking in to see how you're doing. We miss you in blogland!

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