Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's Day

As usual on a Saturday morning, the Boy was still in bed while the other three of us were already dressed, up, and functioning (well, as functioning as I am, sitting in my recliner blogging). I told Papa that the Boy had said he wanted to play tricks on us today as it is April Fool's Day. About 9 am, he went into the Boy's room, and rousted him out of bed, telling him to get going cuz the house was on fire. Here is the boy, eyes closed, but running into the living room, hading to the front door, where the Girl and I stood, and we all got to holler "April Fool's". It was fun, but both the Girl and I told Papa we thought he should have just told the Boy he was late for school. He promised not to yell Fire unless there was one.

For the record, we are not a big practical joking family, but every once in a while we do engage in this behaviour, especially when one of the kids asks for it,lol.

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