Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday night

I snuck upstairs to write a bit. All is well here. Gramma and I have been sharing a bottle of wine, and we are feeling no pain. She is spending the night, so we can keep going tomorrow. She has been scraping paint off the living room floor (hardwood) all day, in addition to folding laundry, and doing dishes. I have washed half the kitchen walls. The Girl has been helping us all day, and is now playing piano for Gramma- who is probably a bigger fan than I am.

The Papa Dude and the Boy are outside building the new garden bed. They got 2 trailerloads of horse doo and will go back for more tomorrow. THis stuff is so rich and nicely composted- it will be great for the garden.

All is well here in my little world, and it feels nice.


diane said...

Well, here I thought all the dirt was on Dave's website but looks like you got the real thing! And while Dave has Heather and anonymous to clean it up, you have Mom!
Good luck with the clean up but if you stay with the wine, nobody will care about the dirt, anyway. Regarding more Indian cooking, have you ever tried Madhur Jaffrey's recipe for cauliflower soup? Oh man, is it good! She also has a recipe for chicken with ajwain (sort of an eppetizer) that's delicious.

Needleroozer said...

Too funny! Glad you found your way ere, Diane, I love your comments on Dave's blog.

Yeah, it has just been so bad here- what with being sick, I just let everything go. It looks so fresh and clean here. My mom is amazing- for a 75 yr old, she has a lot of energy- she runs circles around me!

I do not have either of those recipes- maybe you can email them to me sometime? Have you ever made her chicken with apricots and potato straws? And speaking of cauliflower, have you tried her dry cauliflower? It is fantastic, and is good cold the next day.

Are you of Indian decent, or like me, just adore indian food?


I know this sounds wierd but I love the smell of horse manure. It just smells like spring to me.

diane said...

I have not tried the chicken with apricots but I have done the dried cauliflower. If you tell me how to get the recipes to you, I will send them. I don't think you will be disappointed.
I am not Indian nor exotic in any way. I am very fair (my sunscreen is SPF 45 and I still get pink!) but I love Indian food. I love the way the flavors come together and the aromas of the spices when you make the tarkas. I could just sit and eat dal and naan and be a happy girl.The only thing I'm not that fond of are the vindaloos - man, that mustard oil is a killer!
If you get Julie Sahni's cookbook, she has a recipe for tandoori chicken that you can do at home. It isn't quite as good as the chicken they make in the actual tandoors but it's really, really close.
What are your favorite Indian recipes?
As for manure, I have always had bad luck with horse manure. The horses don't digest things as well and I find that they pass an awful lot of weed seeds. I like cow manure better. I guess with all those stomachs they just process things better. My dad always used to say if you wanted a good garden, get yourself some good old cow shit and he really knew gardening. Nobody could match him for his vegetables.

Needleroozer said...

Hey Diane,
My email is needleroozeratmsndot com (change at and dot). I will write more to you later, but my mom is cracking the whip this morning, and I may have a clean house if I get my tushie off this computer!

diane said...

I'll get those recipes out to you in the next few days. If you didn't live so far away I'd expect to be invited to dinner. Ha ha ha!

Dy said...

Are you sleeping off the activity of the day? I'll bet the whole place looks and feels better! Just what the doctor ordered.

Have a glorious Monday!