Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Morning to Ya.

Good Morning.

Today promises to be just as busy a day as I have had all the rest of this week. I need to get over to my mom's as early as possible today, to start dealing with getting her car legal and drivable. First stop will be Dept. of licensing, to get a trip pass, so I can drive it to the mechanics. Once it has had a tuneup (I am hoping that's all it will take), I will drive it to emissions. Probably won't get to that point today.

The CSB lady comes back out to mom's today, to finish marking her appliances, so she can "see" them with her fingers better. Not sure if I will stay for that or not. There is an HSA planning meeting in Renton today, I would like to go to that, but it is at the same time as Mom's meeting. We shall see. It is raining today, not sure what fun thing we could do today, but maybe we can figure out something. It is good to find something fun to do in between all the errands. Keeps the kids a bit happier.

I am tired again this morning, another sleepless night. It is always so hard to sleep with a cold- if the coughing doesn't keep me awake, the sneezing and nose-blowing does. But that's ok, it's just a cold, and I am alive, and that is good.

The Girl just got out of the shower, so I best go wake the Boy, and get the kids going on their chores, so we can get out of here early.


dee said...

Hi LB, I'm a faithful reader and a fellow Dave''s angel- I just haven't had time this week to get out any real messages. I hope you are all starting to feel better and that you have a wonderful Easter. Our visitors have gone home and we have peace at last and a really great leg of lamb awaits tomorrows celebration. Easter blessings to you, Dee

Dy said...

I hope you had a productive and wonderful weekend!!
Thinking of you!