Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday Ramblings, journal style.

Just a quick note about yesterday: We went to Grandma's to support her at her Community Services for the Blind (hereafter CSB) home evaluation, which went well, and we also stopped at the park for a bit, where we saw a red winged blackbird, and a pair of Peregrine Falcons. That was cool.

I also self-medicated at the fabric store. I succumbed to a sweet set of 5-inch coordinated pastel fabric squares that I think will make an adorable baby quilt for some little baby girl I know in Alabama, if I can just get my butt in gear and sew them together. Did you know that buying fabric makes having hives bearable? I am sure it cures a bunch of other ills as well, lol.

We also rented a bunch of movies this weekend. So far, we have watched Narnia (twice!), Legend of Zorro (the more I see of him, the more I like Antonia Banderas, and Catherine Zeta Jones didn’t do too bad a job, except for the sword-fighting scenes. The story was good, and the drinking, smoking horse was hilarious!), and the original Odd Couple. I thought I was going to laugh myself to death when Oscar (Walter Mathau sp?) was crying to Felix at the end. He was slobby, but was so sweet to everyone he knew- very endearing, especially if you have seen my Oscar-like tendencies when it comes to keeping house, lol. I am much more an Oscar than a Felix, though I do have my moments. We still have Batman Begins to watch.

For Tuesday: Well, we are home for the day, and what a day it was. I only had a few minor panic attacks while behind the wheel today- every time someone came speeding up behind me, or tailgated me. I am wondering how long that will last. I have never liked driving much, but now, it is all I can do to get behind the wheel, and today, I was behind the wheel a great deal!! Luckily, the rental car is easy to drive one-handed. My right arm feels better every day, but I am sure I pulled a muscle in it, as I can't hold anything, stretch it out, or raise it much.

First we headed over to our old neighborhood and hit Dr. Marty's office, where he pronounced the Girl to be totally healthy. Yay! I still insisted that he write a referral for her to have X-rays, just so we have a baseline in case anything goes wrong in the future. Then he checked over the Boy, who has been having spasms in his back, and joint pain. His ankle appears to be sprained (when did THAT happen?!), and his knees and elbows are swollen. Hmmmm. This has been going on for a few months, and Papa and I are getting concerned (but don't tell the Boy, ok?). He recommended blood draws to check Boy's thyroid, and to check for arthritis related issues. Basically the same tests I had run last month.

We headed for the lab, but they were closed till 1:15, so we went to our old Fish and Chips hangout, hugged the old-timers, and OFWITWW (Our favorite waitress in the whole world), got some fish, and saw some goslings out for a stroll with their parents. Some were tiny babies, and some were almost full grown, and some were in the middle. They were all cute and fluffy, and made the kids giggle.

Then back to the lab, where I held the Boy's hand while his blood was drawn. Luckily, he had the nice Philipino lady who can draw blood from my spaghetti veins the first try. She was sweet, and gave him a lolly, which at one point, when I looked in the rear-view mirror while driving, I saw he had stuck to his forehead. Is it just me, or do almost 14 yr old boys resemble almost 4 yr old boys?

Then back into the car, where on the drive to the x-ray lab I explained to the Girl what was going to happen there. She aced it, did great. No vomiting or anything! (Remember how gut reactive she is, and you will know how brave she was!)

Then to the impound lot, to get the last of our belongings out of Whitey. The impound lot was a scary-looking place, with a real skanky feel to it. Eeww. The man who escorted me out to Whitey (may he rest in peace) and back was kind and polite, though. After that, I stopped by Starbuck's and got myself one of those big, cold green tea drinks, which I never let myself have because of the dairy content, and savored the way it felt on my sore throat (I woke up yesterday with a sore throat, I hope it isn't a cold, but feels like it).

One more stop to pick up some meat for supper (baked orange chicken legs and thighs, brown rice, squash, and salad), and then home! The phone rang as I opened the door, and it was Dy. Just hearing her voice cheered me. It was good to visit with her, and hear all the fun they are having with their visiting relatives. It also makes me want to go visit her soon! I am seriously thinking about November in Alabama.

Tomorrow, I have my first appt with my new primary care Dr. I will be getting X-rays, too, and am going to ask for a referral to a chiropractor and a massage therapist. Haven't had chiro or a massage in over 5 yrs and need it badly. I may also try to fit in a trip to my optometrist (sp?) to replace my glasses, which were mangled badly in the accident. I haven't had new ones in almost 10 years, I may pick some funky frames this time around. Tortoise-shell cat-eyes, maybe?

Schoolwork? Nope, just reading in the car. Sigh. So much for this being a catch-up week. I can't wait till July, when we have much less on our daily docket, and can hopefully get some work done!!

We just finished supper, and the Boy is practicing horn, the Girl finishing the dishes, then she will do piano, and the Papa Dude is upstairs practicing his guitar. I am going to brave the depths of the basement to get my cutter and mat, then we will all congregate on our bed upstairs to either read or watch the last movie.

Okay, I know this is probably boring, and reads like a journal entry, but that is all I am capable of today. Very emotionally taxing, all the way around.


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Pamela said...

Never boring silly girl! You are sharing and that can't help but be delightful. Wow, you do realize you got quite a bit into one mere day, right?

Hugs to the kiddles and kitties,