Friday, August 24, 2007

Abe's 2nd birthday and quilt

Remember my toddler friend Abe? He also turned two this month. We went to his party, ate pizza, visited with friends, and had a great time. Here he is with his new birthday balloons, Piano Girl, and his cat, Seamus (or Shaymus?). Seamus enjoyed the balloons as much as Abe did.Here he is with his Mama, opening his gifts. His mama is TBPTOTP- the best piano teacher on the planet, and we love her. We really do.
Here is Abe with his Mama and Papa, not wanting to blow his candle out!
Here is his quilt. I think this one came out so much better than the "H" quilt in the last post. Lots of cute frogs to play I spy with. ("Can you find the frog wearing glasses? Or the frog in an orange innertube?" etc.)
Here is the back, again with the sweet frog fabric, which I am now out of. I would love to find more- I had 5 yards of this stuff and used it from many quilts, big and small, and I still love it.
That's it for now, I need to do some English with the Girl, eat something, and then clean up the studio and get ready to start working on screens next week!


Amy in Orlando said...

The quilt is adorable - great colors. I can't wait to see the screens.

Needleroozer said...

Well, if I get my ass in gear, there should be one for you to see by the end of Sept.
I just need to be intentional with my time. I do think I might make a smaller version as my prototype- to take to galleries, etc. when I am marketing.

Bridget said...

I love the quilts!! I cross stitch but quilting is something that has always fascinated me. I've thought about taking a class but I just can't seem to find the time.

Tami said...

The frogs are so cool! Lots of I spy fodder that's for sure. :-)

BTW, I know that you got one already, but I just had to give you another Nice Matters Award today. Thanks for being Lemondrop's fan club!

dee said...

Hi there! Sorry I haven't been by to check out your new look before now. Bright and cheery-just like you. Love the pictures of the little one and that is a fat cat indeed. the name of the inchies made me laugh-they look great. Cngrats on the Nice award-I knew you were nice a long time ago.

Sarah said...

I love the quilt, so playful and adorable!