Wednesday, August 01, 2007

studio after

Oooohhhh, now isn't this better? I can actually use the design panels, and I can get to the shelves behind them. Aaaahhhh. And notice the clean floor in front! It might be even better if those silly triangles ever moved. If they ever did more than take up space, and actually heaven forbid looked like some kind of design. Sigh.All cleaned up and re-organized. Lots more room to get messy and make mistakes.
I still have this pile of precariously stacked boxes, but that is ok, as it is the only pile in the room now. I need to get some more plastic boxes to store this stuff- this is all the paper stuff my card-selling friend gives me to use for collaging.
So there you have it- a nice clean studio full of inspiring stuff to use and places to create with it! Except that the table looks like this again. Sigh.

It's all good though- a messy studio means there is a creative force at work. Right?

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