Friday, August 17, 2007

Figs, positive thought, and studio plans

Sorry for the lack of art content lately, it has been a very busy week, and I haven't been in the studio at all. I have been canning figs, figs, and more figs. Frozen figs, fig jam, and fig preserves. I'm not done yet, either. I still have half a five gallon bucket to go. Sigh. Then I will need to get to the blackberries, and pickling the cukes. Sigh. I really need to plan these two canning weeks into my schedule. Every year I say that, then every year I get stuck trying to juggle schooling the kids, cleaning the house, doing art, and canning; it is a challenge, that's for sure!

My studio could use some re-organizing and cleaning, too. I just got a couple of new tables from Mr. B. My Dude is working on gluing them, and getting them ready to come down to the studio. I also picked up some plastic drawers, and one of those plastic and wire basket dohickies. Now I need to decide what gets stored in them, and then they will go under the biggest of the new tables. The smaller table is square, and fits over the woodstove. So during the summer it will be a useful space.

I am hoping that I can get going on the canning, and then spend some time in the studio today. I think the kids and the Dude are going bike riding tomorrow- if so, I should have lots of time to be down there.

I have been struggling with finding a way to make some money and contribute financially to the family. I figured out that if I get cracking in the studio, devoting myself to 4 to 6 hours there daily and make a few things that could be sold, I could potentially make more money than if I were to take a part time job that pays only $8 to 10 an hour. I have had a design for a 3-paneled art-quilted screen in my head for over a year now. This week while waiting for jam to boil, I have been sketching designs, and planning how to get 6 hours a day in the studio. I will begin by cleaning and re-organizing the studio this weekend, and then I will be able to start working next week.

I am tired of saying I wish I had time in the studio, and I want to be an artist. From now on, I stop wishing and wanna-be-ing. I choose art! On a daily basis. I am the possibility of creativity, inspiration, and diligence in my work of choice. I choose to be an artist. It matters not how good I am, or how I compare with others who are farther along their journey than I. What matters is the doing and being of the choice I make.

Ok, now I really need to get going on the figs!


Amy in Orlando said...

Happy canning! You CAN do the artist thing - I know you can.

I totally love the new blog look. the glass is gorgeous.

Pamela said...

Thoughts are things ~ we create our experience. So delighted that you are creating good stuff!!

So where'd ya get the figs? and blackberries?

I thought of you one Saturday when I drove out to our mutual friend's in NorthBend. Their trees are loaded!!

I love your canning stories. Idea: Bring that Mama over to help you. She loves it and what a great example for the children.

Last years blog about the counter top jewels was one of my favorites.

Create a great day,


Needleroozer said...

THanks! I took the picture, and then Nan turned it into the bright and cheery blog that it now is. I love it too.
I think we just missed you on Saturday! We noticed someone else had been picking. We went out twice for figs the week they were gone. What did you do with yours?
The blackberries we also got at the G's house, and our back yard, though I didn't pick very many at all this year, being so busy with the figs.
Mama is my fave canning partner, but with me not having a car, and her watching the nephews all summer, it has been hard to do it together.
We usually just see her on Sundays after church.