Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tidbit: Makin' Ya' Wait

Ok, the big surprise isn't here yet. It is coming, and on it's way, but it isn't ready yet. But now you'll be coming back everyday to check, right? I promise it will be cool, useful, ane decorative all at the same time. Worth the wait for sure.

Off to wake the kiddos.


kludge said...

Wow! What a bright and happy blog!

Love the new header picture it looks GREAT! Is that a fan in the background pic?

Needleroozer said...

Yeah, it is still a bit bright for me, gonna ditch the yellow glass (just a bit of the picture from the header)in the center and have it just on the sides if we can.
Still in process- lots to fix, lost many of my links, etc. But I like it! Wanted to bring out the artist in me.