Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally! Art Content!

I have been working hard in my studio for the last four days. I don't have pictures yet, because I am not quite finished, but I will take a bunch today and hope to post them soon.

I have been using several of the free tutorials over at Fibre and Stitch, and am working on a PSI (here is a good photo of some) challenge from the FAT group. Per Sue B's recommendation, I ordered some MistyFuse, and am now in love with it. I think I have found the perfect fusible. It is light, doesn't gum up like some of them do, and is available by the yard at my fave quilt shop. I have been "making" fabric, by starting with a base, and then adding layers of stuff (anything from pressed and silk flowers, to silk rods, cheesecloth, and bright-colored thread and angelina fibers, each with a layer of Mistyfuse in between. I will use this fabric to make PSI's and fabric postcards. Details and photos will be forth-coming.

Right now, I am headed down to the studio, where my Girl will be meeting me for an English lesson- two birds with one stone and all.



StegArt said...

Well for heaven's sake, what a big teaser you are.....NO PICTURES????? What's up with that?

Needleroozer said...

Soon, I promise! I am taking them now. And yes, I am a big tease!

Sue B said...

I love mistyfuse, it's really the only fusible that I use now. Nothing else compares.