Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bike a thon today

The Kids are participating in a unique community service project today. Usually our communtiy service is very local, but this one is a world-wide neighborhood project!

They are riding in a bike-a-thon to raise money to purchase goats through Heifer PRoject. A family in an impoverished village in (most likely) Africa is chosen to be the goat owners. They learn how to care for the goat, and when the goat has a baby, it goes to another family in the village who has been trained for the job. Buying a goat for one family helps an entire village. I am probably not explaining this well as I am in a hury, but you can read more about it at the link provided above.

The kids' goal is to ride a total of 20 miles each. If anyone wishes to pledge, shoot me an email. Otherwise, wish them good luck- it is a hot one today!

Gotta go- I need to get some zucchini muffins baked for them to have as a snack on the ride.


Pamela said...

Well how cool is that? I love what the Heifer Project does. Great concept and organization! How lovely that you and yours are a part of it as well.

Mo came home awhile back and said he sponsored TFYM on a bike a thon. Mo said FYM called him and read him a script, very lovely effort.

I asked what he was raising money for? Mo didn't know ~or remember, geez, what a sweet fella eh? Anyhoo, I am delighted to finally catch up to this point in your blog to learn the answer! And, was Mo sponsoring both of the children? I sure hope so!!

Thanks for sharing.



Needleroozer said...

The kids were working together on this project, so yes, count him as having sponsored both of them.