Thursday, August 02, 2007

Birthday Art- Guest Artists!

For the Dude's birthday, I called the kids down to the studio, and gave them a quick tutorial on how to use Paintstiks. When we were at Daniel Smith the other day, both of them were enamored with all the pastel sticks, so I knew they would have fun with these. These have just one layer on them as we didn't do this project until the day before Papa's birthday. We will probably add more, but they already gave them to their Papa. They used 11 by 7 flat canvases.

This one is by the Fine Young Man. I really liked his use of color. This one is by Piano Girl. The colors did not come out well in this photo, but that is ok.
Now these are mine. I found the coolest blank canvas cards at Daniel Smith. Again, I will put another layer on these, but the kids took pictures of them, so I thought I would post them anyhow. I have absolutely no experience with painting, have never had a class or anything. I feel the lack of such, but for now, I am not letting inexperience with a medium stop me from experimenting with it.
And this is how you can tell that Miss LB had a good time in the studio.

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Pamela said...

Cool! But, I can't see the pictures. Did they load? I will look again tomorrow, maybe it's my computer.

Love catching up and reading your blog. I have missed the warm and fun doses of life story.

Thanks for sharing.