Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tidbit: Busy, busy, busy!!

Gah! I am here, and doing stuff, but we are so busy, I haven't had a chance to post. I have taken over a hundred photos, and we have been doing all kinds of stuff, so I am hoping for a quiet day tomorrow so I can catch up on my posting.
Hope all is well with you.


Pamela said...

Oo, can't wait to hear about what's keeping you busy and see pics!

Bumbershoot this weekend?

We're headed to Soap Lake to meet up with the Jungks, Granillos and Kelly Jones ~ remember Natalie, Alan and the boys? They have a brand new, 10 day old, baby girl for us to meet and play with. Driving to Soap Lake is so much closer than beautiful Bhend, and we do love a nice road trip.

See you back in blog land soon.


Needleroozer said...

Ohhh, I am jealous! That sounds like so much fun! Say Hi to everyone for us, and kiss the new baby for me!

Pamela said...

Youbetcha ~ we may get to enjoy BBQ salmon as well. Apparently Melody's Dad is BBQing some of the salmon he caught on his annual fishing trip to Alaska. He loves to fish, but doesn't like to eat it. Can you imagine? ...and one of her folk’s homes is a farm with orchards and gardens. Well, grand prosperity for the Granillo's, and their lucky pals as well!!

Natalie has always been a big garden person; I am looking forward to seeing if it came from her and/or Alan’s familial roots. The gardens over there were lovely in early July when we were over a few years ago. We didn’t get a chance to see all the family places and gardens, but the ones we did see, were really lovely. Roses with no sign of black spot!! Fruit trees laden with cherries and other nummy fruit. Ladders and picking baskets just waiting to be played with. Sunshine and blue skies all around. Wonder what August will look like?

Hugs to the kiddles for me,

P :)

Needleroozer said...

Have a wonderful time, and I can't wait to hear about your adventures when you get home.
The G family is up from California visiting, and my kidlets are so happy to be spending time with their bestest friends. We are all getting together at the B family house for a huge party and barbeque tomorrow, and then all the girls will spend the night there. Poor Boy- he still doesn't get why he can't stay over, too.

Dy said...

Oh, *sigh* OK. I thought there'd be pictures by now...

But I do hope the reason there aren't any is that you're all busy and productive and feeling good!

Love you!