Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WIP-frog collage

It's just feast or famine with me and posting, isn't it? Can you handle a third post today? OK, so I have had frogs on the brain ever since I made Patty's birthday card/screen. In all actuality, I love frogs almost as much as I love turtles, so it isn't much of a stretch for me to be thinking of them often.

So I started with this book that I aquired at a school district book discard sale. It has great pictures, but the information wasn't scientifically accurate anymore (hence its being discarded). THe pictures however are still wonderful. Nice simple line drawings on most pages, with a few spreads of brightly colored painted pages.

I took the cover off carefully, and ripped out many pages.
Next, while watching StarTrek reruns with the family, I colored in some pages with watercolor pencils (the lily pads on the right). When using my new Lumiere paints (love these- want more!) on another project, I did a few washes over some of the pages, too (a coppery colored page on the left).
The picture is fuzzy, but I did this one with my woodless pencils. Very cute when it isn't fuzzy.
Then yesterday, when we were out and about, I discovered a Daniel Smith store! I dragged the kids in, and came out with a few items- the most colorful being these giant sheets of paper. I thought they would be fun in this collage too.

That's all I have done so far. I am facing a bit of a brain fart- not sure what to do next. I will let you know.


Mama B said...

My Jr. has frogs as his "lovey" animal. We didn't want conventional stuffed animals like cats and dogs. So we opted for frogs for Jr. & Elephants for Lil'B. Though they both ended up with a stuffed puppy too. But we still have more frogs and elephants than stuffed dogs :D

So I am sitting here drooling over what you've done so far on your collage. Love the frogs! And just for a strange factoid about myself I love turtles as well :D

Needleroozer said...

Mama B- I know you love turtles- I have a turtle wall quilt I started for you when I was your pally! It is done- just needs beads. If I remember correctly you like to bead too- I should just send it to you with the beads I bought for it- maybe it would get finished that way. Want me to post a pic of it?

Mama B said...

Aw LB that's so sweet! I'm all warm and fuzzy now. What a delightful way to sign off of a day :) Thanks for the good cheer it was a perfect cap to my day!

And I'd love to see a picture of the quilt! I can't remember if I shared my love of quilts with you for secret pal?? I'll have to swap pictures of our quilts with you. Great Grandma L. made them and gifted them to us :)


Needleroozer said...

Cool! I'll dig it out. so, am I correct in remembering that you like to bead, or is that someone else?

I wouldl love to see your quilts, too.