Thursday, August 16, 2007

Indian Food

On Friday, my dear friend, Big D. came over and we made Indian food. I had a lousy week last week, and this just made it so much better! Good friends who love you even when you are down, and spicy indian food always help!

We made saffron rice, Beef curry kafta (spicy meatballs in a red sauce) dry cauliflower, and chapatis. We also made lassis to drink, and 3 raitas: mango chili, spiced yogurt, and cucumber mock-yogurt. Yum.

Here is my plate, filled to the brim with yummy goodness! Wish you could have been here to taste it with us!

While we ate dinner, we watched an old Jimmy Stewart movie, Flight of the Phoenix. It was very sad, but very well-done. Then we all trouped into the kitchen, did the dishes, and sent David home with leftovers. It was a great evening!


kludge said...

Wow! This looks excellent, including your Naan (I've yet to be successful with it) and all on a correctly themed tablecloth!

Needleroozer said...

I was wondering if anyone would notice the tablecloth!
My love of cooking Indian food is all you Uncle's fault- he bought me my first Madhur Jaffrey cookbook 15 yrs ago.
There are many bread recipes- some work and some don't, some are easy, some challenging. Without a tandoori oven, it takes skill and practice, and a good deep-fryer.

Bridget said...

My cousin's husband is from India and she has learned to cook with alot of their spices and seasonings. She said it was a little hard to get used to some of them but she has come to love them.

Pamela said...

How fun ~ LOVE the photos. That last one especially. Cook book or food mags here she comes! Great serving ware and dinner plate. I love the pitcher, and lovely shade of blue on the dinner plate.

Is Big D the D I think of when I think of good times at your place?
Has the cake, cookie, book and birthday Mom from heaven?


Pamela said...

Where'd ya get the cool tablecloth?

:) P

Needleroozer said...

We have a very good Indian spice shop here in Seattle- if you ever want me to send you some, let me know.

Yep, that is who Big D is- 'cept I slipped and used his name in the post anyhow- need to go back and change that.
I got the tablecloth at Value Village of course. And I didn't plan it that way, it is just what was on the table! Funny, huh?
And I love our dishes and table ware. It has been fun to collect the Fiesta and refrigerator ware for the last 10 years- I have a nice amount in lots of good colors.