Friday, August 03, 2007

Pictures of the Day: Garden Bounty for Gramma

This photo came out fuzzy, but I am posting it anyway. This is my largest bowl, holding green cukes, green zucchini, yellow crooknecks, patty pans, and one round lemon cuke. It is like this every week in the garden- enough to share with my mom, and to make quiches , zuchini bread, and quick dinner pickles. Love it .Here is my mom's fave way to eat the cukes- I simply slice them, add a touch of salt and fresh ground pepper, and sprinkle them with a little balsamic. She ate them all! I will peel them for her next time, but I could not believe how fast she made these disapear!

1 comment:

Pamela said...

How wonderful ~ are any of these from your garden party treasures?

Once again, I can't see the pics. Will try again tomorrow.

Love those garden "snaps" and stories.

P :)