Friday, August 24, 2007

PSI Seasons Finished and Toddler quilt #1

Okay. Remember I had two amazing toddlers in my life who turned two years old this month? Here is the first quilt I made. This one is for a little girl. It is porbably 12 X17-ish. I didn't measure. I like to do them small, so they can be carried around, and used for doll quilts, etc. It turned out okay, and she loved it, so that is good, but all I see is an unintended "H" shape when I look at it.

Here is a close-up of one of the frog blocks. I had a ton of already cut up frog blocks and strips, so I just used them to make it easier on myself.
Here is the back of the quilt. I was using up the last of this frog fabric, and ran out, so that is why it is pieced with the orange batik.
Now these I am super proud of. These are the Plus Size Inchies I made for my trade at Fiber Art Traders. Remember the sheets of fabric I had made- now look at them! I still have a bunch left-over, too. I made a simple wallhanging for our piano teacher, too. I will take a picture of it once it is hanging on the wall in her music studio.

In order from top to bottom, we have spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In a couple of days, I will be notified to whom I will be sending these- I will trade with a group of six folks, and will end up with a bunch of these. DOn't ask me what I will do with them, I am not certain yet.
That's it for this post- check out the next one for the second toddler quilt I made this month.


Donna Boucher said...

Those Inchies are glorious!
What is it about them?
They are so pretty!

I love the froggie materials.
Especially the one with the white background!

I need to make Katie a bag for choir class...
I think I will be digging thru my fabric very soon :o)

Amy in Orlando said...

WOW - the inchies are amazing. I love them as little squares. CAn you add a touch feature to your blog?

Needleroozer said...

Thanks! Yeah, I really went through a frog-lovin' stage a few years back- the fabrics are so vibrant and colorful it isn't hard to fall in love with them!
Do you have a nice little fabric stash? Mine is humungous- takes up an entire wall.
Amy, I will have to send you a couple- these are very fun for tactile folks like you.