Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tourists in Tacoma part 2

Ok, I can't resist another photo of the covered walkway on the Bridge of Glass. Yummy!Here is a great photo of the 21st Street Bridge. Isn't it simple and elegant? Love the contrast between the simple lines of the bridge and the puffy clouds behind it.
This is the Washington State History Museum. We spent so many hours in the Museum of Glass that we didn't make it here, but it was so pretty, I had to take a photo. Many of the buildings in this part of Tacoma have this rounded arcitecture.
Being in the hot museum for several hours made us all hungry!! Here we are, just after dinner, at Harmon's. We were sitting all together after our meal, snuggling while waiting for our check, and our sweet waitress thought we were picture-perfect!
After supper, we were walking around the town when we heard live music. We followed the rock and roll like the rats of Hamlin. As we came up some stairs and around the corner, this is what met our eyes. A whole row of motorcycles, just like in the PeeWee Herman movie, or in the movie Wild Hogs (did you see that one? I thought it was hysterical!). It was enough to make this former leather-wearing, motorcycle babe swoon. Sigh. I love the green one in front.
Although the bikes were pretty, they were not what all the excitement was about. Stay tuned for Tacoma part 3!!

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Pamela said...

What a sweet family pic ~ and all the others are such fun too.

Great memory making. Thanks for sharing.

P :)